If you are like me you love reading other peoples “reading lists”, “recommended reading lists” and “to-read lists”, which is why I am sharing mine.

I am trying to get back in the habit of reading. I have made a bad habit of beginning books and not finishing them before starting a new one, not necessarily because the book is bad.

I read in all kinds of mediums/platforms: I read online through my laptop, on my kindle, on my smartphone, and on real physical books. I don’t have a preference for a specific medium, there are different things that I like about each. For example I like the convenience of carrying many books around electronically (although that might be why I start many books and don’t finish them), but I still enjoy the holding of a real book, and the flipping of the pages.

Below are some of the books I am reading. I’ll come update my to-read list in the future, and also compile a “have read” list and “recommended reading” list later.

The Hangman’s Daughter, Oliver Pötzsch and Lee Chadeayne [Ebook]

Lluvia de Oro, Victor Villaseñor [Book]

Odd and the Frost Giants, Neil Gaiman [Ebook]

Dalek I loved You, Nick Griffiths [Ebook]

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