#tarotthursdaythree 2/23/2017

Well, it took me much longer to get to this post than I anticipated…but better late than never!

1. If you could have your likeness immortalized on any one of the 78 cards, which would it be and why?

I can’t say I have ever asked myself this question. But there’s always a first time for everything!  I am going to pick one of my favorite cards, the 10 of pentacles. I would like to have, not just my likeness, but my whole entire family’s (and close friends) likeness’ immortalized in that card. Why? Because this card speaks of community, relationships, and inter-connectedness. Being the 10th card of the suit of pentacles makes me think that in this human world, the goal is to get to the 10 of pentacles, to create community, where the young learn from the old, where everyone is present in each other’s life. It’s an idealized/romanticized view of life I know, but maybe we can still get there.

2. When reading for yourself, are you able to remain unbiased and if so, what tips can you share for others?

Good question! I am able to remain unbiased more so now than when I just started reading. I remember months ago while doing a reading for myself and not liking the position that the cards came out in, I was tempted to change them haha, and I think I said that in my Instagram post and asked others what their thoughts were on that, they encouraged me to keep them as they had come out and to listen to the message they were trying to convey to me, even if, or especially if, I did not like that message.

I think the best tip I can offer is to sit with the cards you pull for yourself, allow your intuition to speak to you. Sometimes it won’t happen right when you are doing the reading, sometimes you will have to leave the cards, for hours, maybe even days! Until the message comes through. And if you don’t the cards will start stalking you. True story!

3. What is your least favorite deck in your collection and why?

My least favorite deck would be the Stretch Tarot. This deck has sentimental value for me, but I just don’t like some of the images. I keep considering to trade it, but then change my mind. This deck is special to me because I used it for the Spirit Guide challenge in October 2016. The way I came to own the deck was interesting. I saw it on IG a few times, and the next thing I knew I was buying it, even though it was coming from England. I usually sit on my deck purchases longer and eventually talk myself out of decks that aren’t really meant to be. So this one was meant to be, and the very first time I used it I had just searched for a Spirit Guide spread, before the challenge was announced. I might still try to trade it, I rarely use it.

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#tarotthursdaythree 2/16/2017

Playing catch up on #tarotthursdaythree!  Today’s questions were shared by the lovely Alaina over at ExploringlyYours.com, be sure to check out her post here. This writing challenge/experience is hosted by Julia over at SpiralSeaTarot.com, check out her post here.

And now on to my post.

1. How do you feel about the Rider-Waite-Smith (RWS)?

I love the RWS tarot, it is my “old faithful” deck, I feel very comfortable using it to read for others and myself. There is so much to learn, I don’t think I have scratched the surface of the symbolism, but I like that it speaks to my intuition. Most of my decks follow the RWS system. I only have one RWS deck though, but have a few others on my  long list of decks I want.

2. What was your beginning deck?

My very first deck was the Universal Rider Waite tarot. Before purchasing it I asked a few people I had just followed on Instagram for recommendations and they suggested the RWS but also said I could find one that picked my interest and spoke to my intuition, so I went for the “boring/safe” one. I have to say I am glad I did, because it helped me set a foundation.

3. Do all beginners need to start with the RWS (or clone), in your opinion? Why/why not?

I don’t think so. I think starting with something close would be good, but I do believe that starting with a deck you like will make all the difference between sticking with tarot and giving up. Besides, there are two other systems to learn out there, the Thoth and Marseilles tarot, so it’s not like the RWS is the only system. Eventually though, I do think it is a good idea to pick up a RWS deck and learn it.

An I’m off to write the next #tarotthursdaythree since I am a little behind. Thanks for stopping by!




#tarotthursdaythree 2/9/2017

It’s time for #tarotthursdaythree! This writing challenge is hosted by Julia over at SpiralSeaTarot.com.

1. Reversals or nah?

I’m not very consistent with my reversals reading. Sometimes I will read them, and then sometimes I don’t. If I’m using the Rider Waite Smith I do tend to read the reversals, if I am using the Wild Unknown I tend not to. Not sure exactly how I decided that, but it is something I do. I think reversals are helpful sometimes, because they provide additional information about the state of the person or the situation, but it is a challenge to remember what the reversals mean.

2. If you could go back in time and give your novice self one piece of wisdom to fast track your tarot learning, what would it be?

My advice would be to not go over board with collecting decks!  I probably would not listen to myself, hahaha. Even now I continue to accumulate a lot of decks…sigh. I think working with one deck at a time and really learning it is a good way to learn more about the tarot, but hard to do with all the nice decks out there! That is my advice though. I would tell past Dianna to get to know her decks really well before adding more to the collection. My first 2 decks were the Universal Rider Wait and the Anna K Tarot. Both I still have, but only use one of them often.

3. What is your go-to spread?

I love three card spreads! My go-to’s are the Mind, Body, Spirit spread and the Within, Without, Advice spread. I like to keep it short and simple.

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#tarotthursdaythree 2/2/2017

Thursday came and went, and here I am catching up on the #tarotthursdaythree post. Today’s questions are put forth by Alaina, check out her blog post here. Julia from spiralseatarot.com is the host for the challenge, so check out her posts too!

1.  What is your favorite tarot card and why?

One of my favorite cards is The Hermit, I love the meaning of the card, and the different ways that it is interpreted in different tarot decks. When The Hermit comes out in a reading for me, I always get a different message, it helps me dive deeper into the meaning of The Hermit. I don’t actually pull The Hermit much, but when I do it is a welcomed card. There are parts of myself that are Hermit like, so I connect to it in that way too.

2.  What is your least favorite tarot card and why?

My least favorite card is the 10 of swords. I used to get this card all the time, and it just did not help my mood. It was like it was rubbing itself on my face, hahaha. I know the 10 of swords, like all swords, can have a positive interpretation, like “okay, you’ve hit rock bottom, but hey, the only way left is up!”, but when I was getting the 10 of swords really often I didn’t feel optimistic, just felt down in the dumps. So yeah, the 10 of swords is my least favorite. It’s a painful and sad card to get.

3. If you could be a tarot card (live in/personify/experience), which would it be and why?

For this question I am choosing the 10 of pentacles, although I could also choose the 10 of cups, which is another card I like. I choose the 10 of pentacles because it speaks to me of community, family, and close knit relationships. I’m sure those people in the card have had their squabbles, but they are still spending the afternoon together, talking about the happenings of the day, enjoying each other’s company.

It reminds me of the evenings in Mexico when I was little. After you did all your “chores” people would go visit each other, or maybe just sit outside in the porch and watch people on the way to visiting each other. When I was little I would play in the street with the other children, under the watchful gaze of our moms, grandmas, aunts, etc., etc. When I was older I could sit with my mom and grandma and join in the adult conversation. That part of life is gone, so this card makes me nostalgic for it.


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#tarotthursdaythree 1/26/2017

It’s time for #tarotthursdaythree! This writing challenge/invitation is hosted by Julia of SpiralSeaTarot.com. The questions for this day were provided by Vanessa, check out her post here.

1. What was your first time like giving an in-person reading? Where were you? How did you feel? Spill the deets!

The first time I gave an in-person reading was to my hubby, and I had just started reading so I was using the guidebook more than my intuition. It was not so bad because well he’s my husband. I have never read in-person for a “client”, although I have started doing readings via audio recordings. I do hope to one day read in-person. I imagine I will be very nervous for a while, until I get comfortable. I think it’s a completely different experience and dynamic, so I do look forward to doing that in the future.

2. Have you ever had a negative client response to one of your readings? How did they react and why? How did you respond back?

I’ve never had a negative response… but I have had no response at all, which kind of feels like a negative response. If I had a negative response I would probably apologize, maybe refund if they asked for a refund. Then I might even reconsider reading for others :(, which means I need to prepare for a negative response and I look forward to reading how others handle them.

3. Have you ever been challenged by a skeptic regarding tarot? What was your experience like?

I have talked to many people who are skeptics about tarot, and people who think that card reading is evil. Anytime I talk to someone about card reading I tell them that  I don’t do fortune telling, so I don’t read the future. I explain to them that the cards have archetypes and themes that can help provide guidance about situations in our lives. I’ve never met anyone who openly challenged me, most people, if they disagree, they don’t bring it up any more and neither do I.


#TarotThursdayThree for 1/19/2017

It’s the 3rd round of the #tarotthursdaythree challenge/practice. First time I make it on time!  Today’s questions are by Ania, you can check out her blog here.

1. If you could design your own tarot deck and have it mass-produced, what theme would it have and what would it look like overall? 

I feel that there are so many tarot decks out there already, I can’t think of any one theme that is missing, or that I would be interested in making.  But, I have created an oracle deck before. It was simple, in the art department, I used icons from Creative Commons. I printed it for myself and used it a few times. I should really use it more often. I was actually thinking of doing a short YouTube video to show that deck and talk about how I made it and why I made it. It is a technology inspired deck that uses technology symbols that we are all familiar with, and I give them a spiritual meaning, because why not?! And also I have an interest (fascination) with technology and artificial intelligence.

2. How do you feel about the Celtic Cross spread?

I can’t say I have many feeling about the CC spread. I have tried it twice, right after I bought my first deck, the Universal Rider Waite, because it came with a poster with the spread on it, so I did a reading for my hubby and a few weeks after a reading for my sister-in-law. Surprisingly they were very accurate, I just went by the guidebook description of the cards since I didn’t know any of the meanings. I must say I have never used it again, and never felt drawn to using it. It is long and complicated in my opinion, I stick to 3-5 card spreads.

3. If you could have any deck in the whole world (that you do not already), which one would you pick and why? 

I’m having trouble picking a deck, and it’s not because I don’t have a wish list! I do, and it’s long, and changes often hehe. I can’t say I want any super expensive or rare decks, well except maybe the Tarot de Marseilles by Alexander Andreev, which costs $5,000 because it is made with gold, and is painted with ink made from precious jewels! But more realistically I would like the Gaian Tarot, the first edition, because I don’t like the borders on the mass-produced version.

I’m really enjoying reading everyone’s blog posts! I love that we are sharing about decks and tarot, and also that it has us writing! Thank you Julia!

Tarot Thursday Three

I’m still catching up on my blog posts for #tarotthursdaythree. This is the post for January 12th, 2017. Questions by Beth (@greenwitch_oracle).

1. What do you do with a deck you don’t connect with?

The short answer is I trade them. But after reading Julia’s post, where she mentions not trading decks but just keeping them around, I’m starting to think that might not be such a bad idea. I, like many other tarot readers, have a slight problem with wanting all the decks. My wish list is long, and changes often. Every now and then I’ll go and weed out the decks I don’t feel too interested in anymore and and replace them with new decks I am interested in. I have many decks with which I have not given myself a real chance to connect. I would like to work with a deck for a month at least before deciding that I don’t connect with it.

2. How long do you give yourself to connect with a new deck?

Oops I kind of went into this answer above. I don’t have a set time to connect with decks, but I would like to give myself at least a month. Sometimes I buy decks with certain Instagram challenges in mind and that helps a lot to connect with a deck, or to know if we don’t connect.

3. What consecration ritual(s) do you use with new divination tools?

I don’t have any rituals, although I should. I started writing a little welcome letter/note to my decks and storing it in the box or bag with the cards, but I did not keep up with that. Some rituals I’ve heard about are looking through all the cards, picking out the ones you like best  and the ones you like least, and giving each individual card your own meaning. I’m looking forward to reading other’s rituals to get ideas from :).