About Me

20180305_160742Hello! Thank you for visiting my website. Here you will find some of my reflection as I explore creativity and spirituality.

I use many different tools in my journey and one that I will share about often is tarot. I have been reading tarot for over three years. I use tarot as a tool for self exploration and to gain clarity on issues affecting my life. I don’t use tarot for divining the future.

If you are interested in getting a reading from me, click on “Book a Tarot Reading” for more information about my tarot philosophy and for a link to visit my Etsy Shop.

I also work with crystal energy in my practice. I believe crystals are energy beings who are here to support us in our journeys. Check out my store for hand made crystal jewelry and other magical items, click on “Crystal Energy” to learn more.

I am very active on Instagram where you can find me as @unearthing.the.gifts.  I also have a podcast, and a YouTube channel.