My Experience with Spirit Guides

This month I have been participating on an instagram challenge to connect with one of my Spirit Guides. The challenge is hosted by Julia of Spiral Sea Tarot.

It has been a very interesting challenge with a lot of synchronicity. A few weeks before the challenge I purchased a deck that had picked my interest. It was the Stretch Tarot by J.E. Stretch. I bought it on a whim, even though it was coming from out of the country. When I received it it looked kind of weird and I questioned why I had even purchased it. Some of the cards gave me the heebeegeebees. So I put it away until I was ready to do a card reading.

One night I was laying awake in bed. I had been reading about other people who connected with Spirit Guides. I never felt an interest in doing that, I didn’t think I had any to connect with. But that night I felt curious about the subject. I looked for a spread and found one online from Daily Tarot Girl, I pulled out the Stretch Tarot and did my reading. I got a very powerful message from it, pictured below.


Around that time I was just rekindling an interest in the Akashic Records too, and a few days after my first Spirit Guide reading I found out about the challenge that Julia was doing. It all seemed to fall into place and just at the right time.

The challenge started on June 1st. The first card I pulled was The Fool, which is one of the cards I had pulled in the reading above. This told me that it was the same guide I had first tried to connect to. Then I started to realize that perhaps this guide had influenced me or guided me to purchase this deck. Perhaps the creator of this tarot deck and I had this same guide in common.

Untitled design (1)

Julia the creator of the challenge has been great at providing guidance and suggestions of how to connect with our guides. She has a great e-book that describes this in more detail on her website,which she’s kindly giving away for free. According to Julia’s system my guide was an Ascended Master. I have no experience working with Ascended Masters and I am looking forward to learning more.

I feel like there is still a lot to know about my guide. Some people assigned or perceived a gender in their guide, my guide doesn’t conform to gender norms. Also I tried to ask for a name, and I just remembered that a while back I received a message that my guide did not want me to be aware of who they were during their life on earth because that would interfere with my learning. So I probably will not get a name.

We are more than half way through the month and I can say this challenge has been very insightful for me. Not only am I connecting with one of my teachers, I’m also being more open to seeing signs and synchronicity in my everyday life, something that I didn’t do much of before.

Have you connected with your spirit guides before? How was that experience for you? I’d love to read your responses in the comments!






May with the Magician

At the beginning of the year I did a “Year Ahead Spread” my card for the month of May was The Magician.


The Magician from the Wild Unknown Tarot App.

May was in interesting month. Not only because I kept receiving the same messages over and over in most of my card readings during the month, but also because there were some things happening at work and at home.

The Magician is the second card of the tarot. This is the cards description from the Wild Unknown App:

The Magician is a card of boundless, expansive energy. Whereas many of the major arcana deal with stillness or aspects of the mind…this card is all about action, action, action. It’s time to see yourself as the wildcat-embrace his speed, grace and abilities. Do not be afraid to begin. You have the power of all four elements within your reach. Now is the time to use them.

The message that I kept getting over and over were: “show compassion” and “let go”. I knew after receiving these messages a few times that I needed some help, I apparently was not letting go of things like I though, and I was definitely not being compassionate, with anyone, and especially not with myself.

It was tough to listen to these two messages because I thought I was good in both of these  departments. I though I was golden in the letting go side, I consciously make an effort not to take things personally, and I thought of myself as a compassionate individual. I know these messages were not meant to make me feel bad about myself, they are just pointing the way to some work that needs to be done, and I needed to know that I had some blind spots.

13285437_1756923054591285_1700930709_nNow that May is done, I want to take a look back to see what happened really, haha. I think a lot happened. So to help me process some of that I pulled a few cards from the Tarot Everywhere deck and one card from the Life Path Cards, both by Kristen of

For that reading I just pulled 3 cards from the tarot deck, shown are the King of Wands, Death, and 5 of Cups.

Death and 5 of cups are pretty self explanatory. Death is a card about changes, something ending and something beginning, hopefully. This particular Death card makes me think: Time has run out, because of the meter. So when your meter has expired you either put some more coins in or you are on your way. I hope that I am on my way rather than still putting coins in, in the form of the same mistakes and actions.   Maybe time had run out on me dilly dallying around learning these two important messages and so my life brought me experiences to get the point across, tough lessons too.

The 5 of cups shows exactly how I was feeling. The 5 of cups can mean sadness, disappointment, regret, suffering, and emotional adjustment. Oh man, I totally felt all of those things, not at the same time thankfully!

The King of Wands appearing in this reading is leaving me a little puzzled. He is the companion to my favorite Queen. In this particular depiction he is shown as a successful business man. I especially like this description about the King of Wands from the Galaxy Tarot App:

The King of Wands is a natural leader. He is devoted to his family and those he leads. He is charming and kind and is motivated to take action to bring about positive change. He is decisive and courageous, and takes risks based on his gut feelings.

He knows himself well and is a very authentic person. He expresses his true nature in all he does. He acts and speaks with integrity.

Maybe someone close to me is becoming the King of Wands? Or I need to work on embodying this energy? Especially the part about knowing myself and expressing my true nature. That’s where I want to go!

Finally, the Life Path Card I drew shows a walk way leading to a calm scene in a lake with the mountain in the background. When I see this image I think of two things: 1. Relaxation and 2. Hunting/Fishing. As I kept looking at the card the idea of hunting started to take root, not because I like hunting or agree with hunting, but I do feel like I am hunting for something. We are all hunting. Then I remembered my namesake is Diana the Huntress. So this interpretation of this card seemed appropriate, not only that, but The Magician in the Wild Unknown deck is a wild cat, another hunter! I’ll have to dig deeper into this hunter energy.

In summary, the energy of the magician helped me make it through the month. It is true that we have all that we need within us. It’s up to us to get to work in finding it. I was able to turn some unsavory experiences into lessons learned. Although I spent some time wallowing in self pity, I moved on from it fairly quickly, if I do say so myself. The card description above talks about action, and I definitely took some actions that influenced my path. Event the smallest action is still an action nonetheless. For someone like me who spends a lot of time thinking and planning, to actually DO the thing I want to do is a big success.

Also, May was setting the stage for June, in June I am working with one of my Spiritual Guides. And that is material for another post later on!