La relación más importante de tu vida

La relación más importante de tu vida

Mi mama me hizo una pregunta sobre la autoestima y cómo fortalecerla en nosotras mismas. También me pregunto como esta mi autoestima, y le respondi que esta bien, muchas gracias por preguntar 😅.

Mi auto-estima no siempre ha estado bien. Es mas, he tenido que trabajar en mejorarla por muchos años y la verdad es que no siempre está bien. Hay días que se siente que anda por los suelos, pero ahora tengo las herramientas necesarias para volver a subirla.

La auto-estima, el amor propio, y el valor propio van de la mano. En nuestra sociedad no se nos enseña sobre la importancia del amor propio, o de valorarnos a nosotras mismas, o cómo sentirnos bien sobre nosotras mismas. No se nos enseña que es importante tener una buena relación con nosotras mismas.

No recuerdo exactamente cuándo o dónde aprendí que la relación más importante de nuestras vida es la relación con nosotras mismas. Todas las relaciones exteriores son sólo un reflejo de esta relación primordial.

Tal vez suene extraño hablar de una relación con nosotras mismas, ¿acaso no se necesitan dos personas para tener una relación? Si puedes pensar en ti , y puedes observar cómo te tratas, cómo te hablas, cómo piensas sobre ti misma, te darás cuenta que siempre has estado en una relación contigo misma, una relación en la cual tal vez nunca hayas pensado, notado, o puesto mucho esfuerzo en mejorar.

Creo que lo más importante en este viaje de desarrollar/crear una buena relación con nosotras mismas es tomar acciones para descubrir cuál es el tipo de relación que tenemos, y despues de ahi tomar acciones para mejorar lo que creas que se debe mejorar.

Una herramienta que siempre me ha ayudado a mi es la reflexión mediante las escritura. Aquí te presento algunas preguntas para comenzar y sobre las cuales puedes reflexionar en tu diario.

  1. Describe quién eres.
  2. Después de describir quién eres, circula los adjetivos que usaste para describirte. ¿Qué piensas sobre estos adjetivos? ¿Cómo es que empezaste a describirte de esta manera? ¿Estas usando tus propias palabras o palabras que has escuchado a otros decir?
  3. ¿Cuando piensas sobre la trayectoria que ha tomado tu vida, cuales son los pensamiento o sentimientos que vienen a tu mente, corazon, y cuerpo?

Guarda estas respuestas en tu cuaderno. Para empezar a trabajar en reparar/mejorar tu relación contigo misma es importante saber y nombrar cómo te relacionas contigo misma.

El siguiente paso es cuestionar. ¿Donde aprendiste a describirte de esa forma? ¿De dónde vinieron estas opiniones sobre tu misma? Crees que son verdad? ¿Qué evidencia tienes para confirmar o rechazar estas creencias?

The Habits of Curious People

The Habits of Curious People

Curious people are very special, and we need more of them in the world. We need more people to openly question everything.

If you are a curious person, but you feel you have been hiding this part of yourself for fear of being judged or rejected, I implore you, stop hiding, bring out your curiosity in all its glory.

In this blog posts I am going to share some habits/characteristics of curious people. These might help you identify if you too are of the curious bunch, or they might persuade you to cultivate your curiosity.

Curious people are observant. If you notice that you notice (see what I did there 😉) a lot more about what is going on around you than most people, chances are you are a curious person. Being observant is a great habit to develop, not just for curiosity’s sake. Being observant can help you in your creative life. Being observant can also help you stay safe!

Curious people love learning. Love of learning and curiosity really do go hand in hand. You can’t be curious and not love to learn. I might even say that love of learning is a prerequisite for curiosity. When you are curious it’s because you seek to gain knowledge and understand more of the world around you. If you love learning, chances are you are a curious person.

Curious people are good listeners. Curious people are more interested in what others have to say and so they are usually really good at listening. They listen to understand and to see the world from the other person’s perspective.

Curious people are creative. Some curious people might not identify as a creative right away, but in my opinion, they are definitely headed in that direction, and that is a good thing! I learned recently that if you are not using your energy to create, you are likely using your energy to destroy. It’s very important that we are consciously using our energy. I hope to write more about creativity in the future, it’s a very important part of my life.

Curious people are open minded. This one is very important, especially right now. You might have noticed that people are becoming more closed minded and fanatical in their beliefs. In the U.S., we are now more divided than ever. Social media has successfully kept us in a bubble where we can choose to not engage with content that does not fit into our view of the world. We cannot continue like this. Curiosity is a great habit to develop that will help you from becoming an extremist or a fanatical person who cannot accept that people hold different beliefs around the world.

What other habits/characteristics would you add about curious people? Which of the ones I listed resonated with you?

Why Curiosity Is Important

Why Curiosity Is Important

Although I have always been a curious person, I didn’t always think of curiosity as a skill that could be developed an used to my advantage. I also did not realize until recently how curiosity has helped me in my personal and professional career.

Curiosity is something that comes naturally to all of us. We see curiosity most often in children. Although, curiosity in children is not always nurtured or encouraged, and for this reason curiosity doesn’t always follow us into adulthood.

For me, curiosity has been one of the most helpful skills in my personal life and professional life. And I believe curiosity is a prerequisite for living a creative life.

When you are curious, you ask more questions and enjoy learning about different things. All of those random things that you learn about can be at your disposal when you need them. You will have more knowledge about different things than people who are not curious and that knowledge can be combined in creative ways.

Practicing curiosity can also help you keep your brain and mind sharp! Being curious can help you connect with people. I could go on and on about the benefits of curiosity, but I want to talk about how you too can become a curious person!

Our connected world makes being curious a wonderful thing. Thanks to the internet, any topic you are curious about is available to you at your finger tips in practically an instant. Of course, I recommend that once you find a topic that interests you that you don’t stop at the top Google search results, you should also read some books, watch some videos, meet some people who are experts in the thing you are curious about.

So, how can you start harnessing the power of curiosity? To start, make a list of questions you’ve had since you were little, or make a list of questions you have asked yourself in more recent years. If possible, make a list of at least 10 questions.

For the next 10 days, pick one question and learn about it on the internet. Keep a journal of your questions and the information that you come across about it.

I would love to hear how your questions and answers go! I will also do this exercise for myself and report back on my next blog post.

Curious About Curiosity

Curious About Curiosity

Back in May 2020, I started a podcast series on the topic of curiosity to accompany a workbook on curiosity I created called “How Curiosity Brought the Cat Back to Life”. You can find this workbook in the Offerings page of my blog.

I had planned to write an accompanying blog series in June, but June had other plans. Then July had other plans, but August is looking promising!

Would you say that you are a curious person?

I describe myself as a curious person and I embrace my curiosity. Curiosity is actually a really important and helpful character trait, in my humble opinion.

It has been my experience that curiosity is not always seen as a good skill/trait to have. Curious people ask questions. They want to know more. They can make some people uncomfortable.

So, are you a curious person?

Maybe you don’t consider yourself a curious person. Maybe you have never thought of curiosity as anything special. I believe we were all curious at one point in our lives, most likely when we were children.

Children are naturally curious.

If you have children in your life, you know what I mean. They want to know how everything works, why things are the way they are, why the rules are the way they are, and who made the rules anyway?!

My goal with this blog series is to share some thoughts and lessons on curiosity to help you discover your own curiosity so that you can also use it in your every day life.

Stay tuned and follow me on this curious journey!

Transitional Times

Transitional Times

Photo by James Wheeler from Pexels

The months of June and July have often been months when I experience some sort of transition. Big life transitions tend to happen for me around this time in the area of career. Before this year, I didn’t know why this might be the case. But now, I understand that there is some astrological correlations to why this happens to me.

In The Book of Houses by Paul Williams, I learned about using our astrological birth chart as a harvest cycle for our goals and dreams. It details the months during which you should plant your seeds (set your goals and intentions) and the day when you will reap the harvest (Harvest Days) of those seeds. July is the month when I plant seeds, and June is the month when I harvest those seeds.

I didn’t have this book last year around June and July, but I was definitely planting many seeds. A year later, I am seeing the fruits of those seeds and I am glad to say that I will be using The Book of Houses more intentionally to plant my seeds and bring my dreams/goals into existence.

As I am in the process of completing a transition, I am experiencing a lot of fear and doubt. It can be difficult to make the correct choice when your brain is constantly sending warning signs and distressful messages. I am so well equipped to deal with these feelings and messages now.

Thanks to what I have learned in Lindsay Mack’s class, Tarot for the Wild Soul, I am able to understand that many of the fear messages that my brain is sending me are simply not the truth.

My brain is scared of change. My brain wants to keep me in familiar and “safe” environments. If it was up to my brain, I would never make any changes or take any risks. But that is not how life is supposed to be. We are meant to take risks and make changes so that we can grow and experience different things. The soul seeks change and growth and brain wants the comfortable feelings of the familiar.

What has helped me during this time of transition was remembering that I can trust myself to make the right choice for me. I often look to others for guidance and reassurance, and that is not the best strategy to follow. As my partner always says, we are the ones who will deal with the consequences of our actions, not the people who gave us advice, no matter how well intentioned that advice was. So why ask others to make a choice that is only up to us?

I did a lot of soul searching, journaling, and asking for guidance from my Spirit Guides. It felt difficult to make the decision, but once I let go of expectation and trying to control things, I felt that the path was laid out and I knew what the right decision was.

I am working on replacing my feelings of fear with excitement for the new experiences that are waiting for me. I can’t wait to see how I will grow, what I will learn, who I will meet, and what changes I will make.

How do you deal with fear and doubt? How do you handle transitional times in your life?



Most of us have spent more time at home in the last 4 months than we’ve ever had in the past. I was able to work from home for 2 months when the COVID-19 pandemic started.

During that time, Camelia Elias made one of her prompt series on the topic of Home available for free to her newsletter subscribers. I had always been curious about what her prompt series where all about, but had not had the chance to participate. So when she offered one for free, I could not miss the opportunity.

I won’t be describing the prompts here, but I do recommend checking out Camelia Elia’s website and signing up for her prompt series.

While being at home and working on the House prompts I spent some time thinking about my home and how I was relating to the Spirit of my home. I rarely think of my home as having a Spirit. I have spent many years feeling unhappy with the appearance of my home. It has been in a state of “under construction” for more years than I want to admit.

Being at home and thinking about the Spirit of the house helped me shift my perspective and my thoughts about my home. Instead of focusing on what it lacked, I began being grateful for what my house gave us: protection, sanctuary, warmth, space, light, and so much more.

What I am up to this fall

What I am up to this fall

RWS Tarot Centennial Edition

I’m here with a fall recap/check-in. I did not get to write in the blog for September’s Walking With Mary Journey. But I did share about it over on my Instagram account. Halfway through, or maybe towards the beginning, I had a pretty bad cold that left me needing to rest a lot in order to recuperate. During the following weeks, reading about other’s journeys with Mary and Hettienne’s guidance over on her blog helped me continue the journey.

Now in October, I am not really doing a challenge on Instagram. I am just reading cards for myself when I need guidance. I am pulling my daily card using the Tarot of the Vampyres app and recording my daily card on my little monthly calendar. During my more involved readings, I am using the Rider-Waite Smith Centennial edition.

Holistic Tarot by Benebell Wen

I am also reading through Benebell Wen’s Holistic Tarot (this was one of my Depth Year goals).  And for the card of the week, I am using the Halloween Oracle. It is the only time of the year that I feel drawn to using that deck. I am glad I didn’t end up selling it. Today, I had fun looking at the cards with my girls.

This month, I have returned to working with my crystals. I started with amethyst to help me develop my intuition. Then I added labradorite for my magical workings. Most recently, I added a rough agate, that turned out to be a very special piece, for ancestral work.

I am also really enjoying the Priestess Podcast by Julie Parker. I am reading Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert. I am watching Inuyasha, a childhood favorite of mine, and I am geeking out over all the magical references the episodes have!

Last year, I found out about a calendar to work with the moon phases called The Moon is My Calendar by April Miller but was not able to get it. I recently preordered the 2020 edition as a birthday gift and I am so excited for it! I can’t wait to deepen my connection with the moon.

My moon phases mala by Conny (@bruja_hozanek)

I also have a special mala that I use for connecting with the moon. I purchased it from the lovely @bruja_hozanek on Instagram.

It is made of black tourmaline, hematite, tourmalated (tourmalinated?) quartz, and clear quartz. I just love it so much!

What are you looking forward to this fall? Share with me in the comments!

Walking with Mary – September Edition

Walking with Mary – September Edition


I can’t believe it was only this past February that I first did the Walking with Mary Journey with Hettienne Grobler, The French Maddona. It feels like it was many more years ago that I first did it. Nonetheless, I am so excited to do this journey and join the others who are also walking with Mary.

You can read more about my experience in February here.

I am joining this journey again because I had a great experience last time. I loved the community that was built around the Walking with Mary Journey. I loved learning from Hettienne. And most of all, I loved the relationship that I developed with Mary.

I remember feeling hesitant to join last time. I made a lot of excuses about why I could not join. Then everything fell into place, I realized that I had all the materials I needed. I have many of the items leftover from last time, like my prayer shawl and the image of Mary I used las time. I have also gotten a few new items that I will use like my rosewood prayer mala and a handbound book my sister gifted me earlier this year.



Please visit Hettienne’s blog to read about what this next Walking with Mary experience will bring.

If this is the first time you are considering joining this journey and you feel apprehensive about the preparations, please don’t let that keep you from joining. The most important altar that needs to be set up is the one that is inside your heart.

My Journey with Tarot

My Journey with Tarot

It’s been about four years since Tarot found me.

Since then, I have developed an intimate relationship with this divination system. For me, Tarot is a trusted confidant and friend. It’s that type of friend that doesn’t give you the answers and tells you what to do, but instead helps you figure out what YOU really want to do and helps you find YOUR own answers.

Tarot can be used for many different things, from weighing different decisions, dealing with issues about work and personal life, finding your gifts and strengths, meeting your challenges, to jump-start your creative writing/art-making and of course, it can be a great tool for your spiritual development.

I am fortunate that Tarot is very popular right now and easily accessible. You can search for decks to purchase on Amazon, or even print your own at home. You can meet people online and in real life who are interested in Tarot. You can learn how to read Tarot on YouTube! It’s a wonderful time to be alive and interested in this stuff :).

There is a thriving community of Tarot peeps on Instagram. There are monthly challenges that you can join to develop your reading skills. Tarot challenges were wonderful for me as a beginner. It’s been a few months since I joined a challenge, but that is mostly due to lack of time and not lack of interest.

I have used Tarot to get a reading of the energies for the month ahead and also to help me reflect on the month that just ended. I read Tarot for dark moons, new moons, and full moons. I will also sometimes pull a daily card just to help me center and ground when I am feeling overwhelmed and anxious.  I have used Tarot to communicate with my house. That was one of the most interesting and unusual things I’ve used Tarot for.

If you read Tarot, what is the most interesting/unusual reading you have done?

Depth Year Update

Depth Year Update

Photo from Also, writer life goals 🙂

In December of 2018 I heard about the Depth Year and thought that was a great idea to continue on what I had started doing some months prior to December, which was to reduce my consumption of spiritual tools (tarot and oracle decks, crystals, etc.) and use the many tools I have acquired throughout the years. You can see my initial ideas and plans for my Depth Year here.

When I decided to embark on a Depth Year, I made some goals for myself:

  1. Use 12 tarot decks that I have not used
  2. Work with one or two crystals I already own per month
  3. Finish reading Holistic Tarot
  4. Finish the coaching class I purchased
  5. Spend more time writing
  6. Read a book once a month
  7. Read the books/articles I have on the chakras
  8. Use my Desire Map Planner
  9. Do the Desire Map Workbooks
  10. Spend more time creating offline

I can say that I have been successful in making progress in most of my goals. I have been using decks I owned and previously did not use. I usually chose one or two decks per month and this allows me to really get to know the energy of the cards and infuse them with my energy. I am not going to lie, I have bought/traded more decks since starting the Depth Year. But they have been decks in my wishlist and not just random and impulsive buys. In comparison to how much I bought before, I am doing really good!

Amethyst seer stone I carry with me all the time

I have also been limiting myself to working with one crystal per month and have not bought a new crystal for a long time. This working with one crystal per month started many months ago for me. In the beginning, I remember really struggling to stick to one crystal, it has become so much easier now. I will usually pick the crystal that attracts me the most from my collection, this month it is amethyst. Then I will set an intention for what I hope to accomplish during the month. This month’s work with amethyst I am being intentional about developing my psychic and intuitive abilities, strengthening my third eye chakra, and I am also using amethyst to keep my cool at work :).


I have also been dedicating more time to my writing. I set up a calendar reminder on my phone for Dianna’s writing time every Saturday and Sunday morning. Sometimes it’s not easy waking up, but my hubby is supportive and will usually encourage me to wake up and write before the girls wake up. I have also been creating often and it has really helped me keep my mental and emotional sanity.

My Desire Map monthly overview

I’m trying to get back into the habit of reading a book at least once a month. I recently finished Light is the New Black by Rebecca Campbell. I am now reading The Book of Goddess by Kris Waldherr.  I am using my Desire Map Planner almost daily. I’m slowly working my way through Holistic Tarot.


Overall my Depth Year is going well. I can say that “narrowing” my focus has been very beneficial as it allows me to get more out of whatever I am learning and doing. This narrowing of focus is really contrary to how I usually work. I love to have a wide focus because I want to see everything and find the connections between things. But, I think it’s a good idea for me to learn to use a narrow focus when I need it. That’s it for my Depth Year update. Are you also doing a Depth Year or would like to do a Depth Year? I’d love to read your opinion and thoughts in the comments!